Chick Detour

Chick Detour

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I went to the farm-supply store yesterday to pick up some bagged mulch. I’ve been busy spreading compost in the perennial beds and shredded bark mulch in my shrub areas. I get the compost from our municipality for free, but I always have to purchase the shredded bark mulch from a local nursery. I happened to be driving by the farm-supply store and saw a sign for bagged mulch so I thought I’d go in and check their price.

And then I almost got suckered. To get to the mulch, of course, you have to walk right by the baby chicks peeping and pecking and practically begging to be taken home. They are just so cute and nearly irresistible. I sat watching them for a good 10 minutes and even took this little video of them to show you how enthralling they are. I can’t believe how instinctual they are right from day one—quickly bolting across the tub to peck at an imaginary (or real?) bug. It took everything I have in me to not leave with a fuzzy handful.

In addition to the sweet little chicks, the supply store also had plenty of broccoli, lettuce and cabbage starts, so I picked some of them up while I was there even though they weren’t nearly as cute and fluffy. I settled them into the garden as soon as I got home. The lettuce, chard, carrots and radish are already up and growing in the garden. An early start to what promises to be a great gardening season.

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